HEMP TEA EXTRA – CBD 4% 1200MG/30G… 9,90€/30g
This particular hemp has 4% CBD, four times more than usual. It contains about 1200 mg of CBD per 30 g.

Hemp has been rediscovered. Without the psychoactive constituent THC, hemp has so many positive properties that it has been called the new superfood.
Everyone can experience how hemp tea and hemp tea blends work, how they help us and what they taste like.

The properties of hemp that are being studied are as follows:

-has a relaxing and calming effect.
-It promotes a peaceful sleep.
-It strengthens the immune system.
-improves digestion and whets the appetite.
-Promotes a better mood and positive thoughts.
Theine free. THC free.

HEMP TEA SUPERIOR – CBD 1% 300MG/30G… 5,40€/30G
Theine free. THC free.